A Danish woman described this part of Spain as the outer area..
Golly she was right..
Been ripped off though by mean little individuals . 4 e for a miserable bread roll to take away…all it contained was some of the tough old dried ham, no tomato no nuthin….then we paid 2.50 e for a small can of coke each… Then we were given a lift of five ks by a local welder.i asked the cost, of the lift….working on 2 e a k should be about 7 e WRONG ,hand out after i had given him 10 e thinking i was v generous…wanted another 5..#%}?^
Bugger ,it was over 35 c i just paid.
Luckily our accommodation was upgraded doss house.
Had a decent lunch..needed it after a pretty hard hot walk.

Lost Karen for a time today…had a face time session with Rosis and Joss under a bridge and when we came out the other side were there were huge roadworks with a motorway barrier that was too high for me to climb and too low to get under..
Karen went one way following the camino arrows and i went the other way along the 630

Roadworks everywhere,a new motorway in the making.so hot hot hot.
Met up with Karen eventually and had the expensive coke and the non taxi
Sigh, another day to tomorrow and another hot day….then hurrah maybe cooler weather…