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Day 39 ? Zamora

Still here, go tomorrow. Really nice city even though a cash machine has eaten my credit card.
Yesterday I prowled around the old city trying to get a Pilgrims passport for Karen. It is just a sheet of paper with spaces for stamps from the various towns en route to prove at the other end,Santiago, that you did actually walk .
I am using a small unlined book this time as the passport got very tatty last time…
Tourist office said the office for them was at the cathedral…no way ,just a grumpy old spaniard wanting admission money…tried around the back,rang a bell ,knocked on a door,think it was the convent as a female voice from behind a screen told me nada in no uncertain terms…
Tried another church,nada, told Karen to buy a notebook!!!! In the past,say ten years ago the churches were probably open during the day,nowadays they are locked up tight and the stamps are collected from bars/hotels/alberques etc..

Nice day though,starting to warm up,hit 29 but does not seem as hot as 29 at home.
Sent parcel number two to David,that makes one and a half kg less. Certainly cramps the purchasing urge.
This morning I walked into the old town up the hill,I am down the hill by the river but still in the old town. Parked myself up by the cathedral to wait for a call from Rosie,nada, one of us must have got the time wrong….

Went back to the Cathdral for a visit and had a walk around the castle ,ruined of course and nowadays used as a setting for sculptures by? Lobo. He is very much of the Moore/Hepworth school ,stunning place to display sculptures though.

Other bit of excitement was losing my eftpos card to a machine….just as it was gobbled up by the Caja bank realised too late Visa only…
Called for help from two Spanish men, and with no common language we were able to call the bank and work out that I needed to go to the branch at 8.30 am in the morning….
Just as well I never get below 100 Es in cash….
Thirty plus predicted for today. Have made a booking for lunch for 3 pm around the corner as what I thought was a wedding celebration yeaterday was a First Communion
celebration. Flower girl who was the only one I could see was in fact the communicant. She seemed totally unmoved by the event ,racing madly about. Must have cost a zillion,full meal service for about fifty…
There are apparently two more such events today. Hotel is right by a church.

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  1. Just caught up on your story – midst our packing…… and off to Guess who for dinner when the boss gets home.
    Sounds lovely now and you appear to be enjoying yourself.
    take care with those Spanish men!!!

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