Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 37 zamora

The country lodging was great. Huge bed huge bath,high though ,bit of trouble getting in and out!
I am always surprised by how quiet the Spanish countryside is…not a sound…
Had a solitary breakfast ,snaffled a pastry for lunch….
Would have set off in totally the wrong way but was saved by a man who appeared as I was leaving the accommodation.
Chose to walk along a small road not the 630, wrong,loads of traffic and no pedestrian room on the side of th road. Then it decided to spit with rain,pack off , Cape out,Cape on,blowing like mad and chilly so quite a flap getting cape on…
Rain did not eventuate so all the above in reverse. Kept the Cape within grabbing range in the back of the pack.

Stamped on and on ,rejoined the 630 But by that time the 630 had transformed itself into a four lane motorway.. I walked on quite warily remembering being hauled up by the police in Portugal….Realised I had to get off the motorway not least because I now realised that the 630 went round Zamora!!!!

I crawled over the barrier and tramped along beside it for awhile until I came to a ramp,walked alongside the ramp but below it,must have looked lik a local tramp
From above. However finally got onto the road directly into Zamora.
Just one more barrier,dammit a wide river,the Douro ,last seen in Porto,now between me
and the city of Zamora with a clip on pedestrian bridge. Luckily the clip on was quite wide so managed to get across it without a panic attack….

Zamora is a nice town,here for three nights till Karen arrives. I am in a nice hotel,that is two nice places in a row…but next week looks like more alberques. Did a count of my imodiums left may have to get David to Bring supplies….
Had a lovely lunch, gosh this is looking good….
Counted up the ks left, 372 and a 1300 m climb…


  1. Diane Harnett

    May 9, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    Hi Margret, You are bloody amazing.

  2. Maybe the politician was an exchange student at a certain Hamilton high school back in the day when Margaret had a rather formidable nic name

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