Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 36 El Perdignon

The Englishman was proved wrong with his verdict that there was plenty of accommodation on this Camino….the auberge owner rang Round for me and nada on the Camino itself.
So am in the accommodation booked for me by the Salamanca landlady about seven long hot ks off piste But the Englishman had to eat his words and I am in really nice accommodation. Only person there.
Check out Hostal Rural El Perdigon
Today,lotsa wheat fields which were just the right height to look great blowing in the wind…..
Not much else,mainly road walking but n630 is quite unused.
Saw a restored gatehouse from a 11c Cisterine (?) chapel and two sets of weird chimneys popping up out of the ground.Storeage of some sort.

Survived my night in the auberge by only eating the bread I had bought in the morning and filled with that dried meat and a tomato.some for lunch,some for dinner and finished off the end piece this am..good value!!! I also took two pills.
Having chops and chips for dinner this pm.
All the Auberge inhabitants were gone by 7 am.
A Dutch woman said the only two issues on the caminos were finding somewhere to sleep and finding and getting enough to eat. You walk for hours without seeing anything but animals/birds/roads/tracks but nada shops or people
Glad that Nat radio streams live but today it got the pip so back to Bryan Ferry. He makes the ks go faster.
About 11 ks to Zamora tomorrow then two days off till Karen arrives.
I have a bath!!!

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  1. Finally hit Madrid at about 3pm today – it’s still a long way no matter how you do it!
    Tapas and wine down the road for Dina. Get rid of the suitcase in the morning then time to look around. Will face time in the morning before I book my train ticket. Sleep tight K

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