After nine days off I hit the trail again this am
Trip back from Madrid was uneventful ,coach ripped along at 120 ks so soon arrived back in Salamanca. Room provided by apartment landlady was fine ,suspect she made a handsome profit.
Walk today was only 16 ks and that is just a nice distance. Countryside has changed again,acres of wheatfields and some barley. But ever present seems to be the ubiquitous mustard plants. You know the bright yellow fields…well it has taken off and fields of crops seem to be have been taken over it by it. Farmers must have to be so careful to stop it taking over everything….good old Monsanto.

The soil is now red clay but the terrain is basically flat!!!

Houses are mainly plastered concrete block and not very interesting.
The odd mansion but not many. There are not the deserted houses everywhere in the countryside that there were down south.
Good walk but golly it is cold still, back to the Long socks.Was only 8 c when I left this am and would only be about 17 now.
Hotel is usual crap and I am right over the front door to the bar and On the road. Complained but waste of time,bet there is nobody else staying here…25e a night nd had a 12e lunch,the prices felt generous….
In a dreaded Hostal tomorrow night and a 20 plus day.
Oh yes,three men,late sixties,two Spaniards one Frenchman and One Dutch lady who is making a serious ass of herself with one of the Spaniards.What gets into these women!!!. Only met them at lunch time and hopefully that will be it. Frenchman was nice from Le Puy where the lentils come from.
Only saw one cyclist today nobody else….great also to hear birds again.
Loved Madrid hated the accommodation but ..