Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 28 Madrid

Yes, got lost on the Camino.
Have a few more days to fill I so tiring of Salamanca hit the road for Madrid
Did it by bus seven years ago with T but don’t remember the countryside being as rugged

Am in a shit hotel , four floors up not supposed to use the lift, yeah right, with a view of the light shaft.About 140 per night NZ

Much warmer here and absolutely heaving with people because of the holiday.
I am staying on the GranVia about 11e from the bus station

It probably would have been better to come here for the longer stay as much more to do in the wY of galleries etc
Population of 3 million,3rd largest city in Europe after London and Berlin.

Felt an absolute twit yesterday landlady informed me I had paid for tonight as well, she needed to check too but too late as I had already bought my bus ticket to Madrid
Never mind says she knowing she could let the apRtment in an instant, Ill book a hotel for you when you comeback on Monday…. Bet it will be a smasher rather like the Madrid hole.
I just cannot do nasty hotels with any grace at all
Saving component of all of them is they are generally clean.

Sitting in a twee bar called garbos asked for a dry white wine , blanco, waiter appeared with a Sauvignon , wrote down Verdejo sent him away …
He came back with a verde plus a Cloudy Bay Chardonay which I declined at 4e a glass mine however when I paid was 3.50 e ouch .Can buy a bottle for 3 e same wine!!!!
Shall not frequent trendy Madrid bars again….or if I do will drink Cloudy Bay!!!!
I guess the guts of it is in a nasty room I nay as well be anywhere,running a course at Ohakea or Linton spring to mind,need an exterior reminder of where I am or I may as well (I shoukd be so lucky) be back home etc


  1. Not sounding like your most memorable Camino! Hope things get better xx enjoy the break before we start padding the countryside

  2. Shirley Anderson

    May 2, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    Thanks for reassuring me you are still alive and snarling, if not kicking! Yes, the trendy bars are to be avoided if one is conscious of value for money. Find a pretty Spaniard to escort you, or French, or English, or Dutch, -oops, maybe not Dutch, more likely to expect you to pay!
    Hope the journey, and your spirits, improve. It will be worth it, eventually!!

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