Is heaving with people in holiday mode and all going where I want to go….
Yesterday my mission was to go to the Thyssen -Bournemissa or something like that spelling ,art gallery . They call them museums here…
After a few false starts found my way.I ,like all the other tourists go to the police for directions. Always a police presence around in this city. Am slowly getting the hang of Madrid, remember it is seven years since I was here. I thought I had not been to the BT gallery before but some of the paintings jogged a memory.Mainly Picassos standing Harlequin.The collection dates from 9′ c icons to present day ,well almost. I can’t be bothered with Jqckson Pollock but love Klee and Mondrian and some of the other modernists. And of course the impressionists were there and the dark and religious 15 /16 century stuff.
Had a happy time afterwards having a flash lunch well a fairly ordinary lunch in flash surroundings as those who saw the photos will vouch for.

Then another happy time in Cortez des ingles , a huge department store found all over Spain and Portugal
Back to my trendy bar then collapsed for the night.
Sunday’s mission was the Prado,the gallery I had declined to visit last time.
T was entranced with its El Grecos, sick puppy ,all skinny Christos and anguished expressions. Give me a titian or a Rubens any day of the week.
Although I did like one painting by Guidio Reni, Virgin on a chair ( but of course) she was wearing a stunning blue cloak with a bright red dress.

Right down the central gallery of the Prado was a Picasso exhibition on loan from the Kundamuseum in Basel.Only ten paintings but basically a retrospective…love his early stuff but the deconstructed stuff….nah not for me…Yet I liked Guernica whn I saw it years ago at the modern arts museum …The seated harlequin was in this exhibition.
My favourite painting in the whole world is Picassos Dutch girl painted about 1920 and it is in Brisbanes art gallery .Very good,but I am dim at times ,could not find the Prado anywhere and then realised it was on the opposite side of the road to the BT…

A really nice lunch at Parilla ,expensive though ,35 e but fab salad and steak that had to be sent back because it was still kicking but second time around it was good.
The shops are great just as well I am limited or would be buying madly….
Overcast and threatening with rain,all I need for walking nxt week.