Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day six Fuente de Cantos

After a nice meal at Hotel Leo costing all of ten euro and including two glasses of mediocre, probably old, Sauvignon Blanc , all was well with the world. You know bad stuff is coming eh!!!!
Set off with bread roll filled with tomatoes and a sweet looking croissant, lunch taken care of.
Walk initially was good , rural lotsa cows and then sheep , then it went quite barren and at one stage I was walking in cloud. Found out later I was 800 metres up,no wonder the legs are sore all those 200 metres were incremental…quite cold as well
The Frenchmen went past in hot pursuit of a blonde followed by the Argentinian femme
Eventually I caught up with the Frenchmen
Think some are having thier stuff sent on, only one with a pack. Nasty creek crossing and one of the Frenchmen helped me across, think I nearly wrenched his arm off….
Eventually I decided I needed food just as the Argentinian appeared, funny that, blonde had long since disappeared oh the intrigues of the trail
I meandered along on my own stuffed full of carbs and on and on
Finally saw Fuente de whatsit in the distance
Another white town, they look lovely but there is not a lot to do in them…
Took Me an hour to actually get to the town

Finally there, bit warmer by this stage but only marginal
Found my one bedroom apartment address, 50 e treat for a two night stay, 50 a night!!!really looking forward to it!
Shit, it is a backpackers with a few skanky apartments. I was attracted by the view over the garden and pool, of course mine is over the street without a bath!!!
I heap abuse on the young clerks head, he virtually tells me to piss off, I tell him to get his foot out of the goddqm door as I am NOT going anywhere else two
Nights is debatable though
Go downstairs to the garden , the French are there, see I Am
Upset and ply me with beer
Ms Argentina arrives and tries to put it right with the owner of course I am wrong, not sure why but of course I am ,coup de gras ,say I have 2500 hits on my trip advisor comments and will be adding this little lovely to it!!! I do actually re the bed bugs in Coimbra.
Have booked a place for Sunday night but may not bother again
Back to walking!!!!
Just out if El real de la Jura there was a big ruined castle, discovered it is called Castillo des Torres and was built during the 14/15 century. Same time as Hampton court.
In Monesterio there is a museum devoted to ham!!!
I am 142 ks into this epic and apart from the debacle of this booking all is going well.
Diane, I have been thinking how David would chew this up!!!!


  1. Hi Mum,
    good to sea your writing is as humorous and dry as ever. I am sure you are simply doing the walk so you can experience the ever changing quality of the accommodation and catering. Glad you are having fun and the weather so far has held off for you. Even if the French are off hand or a little rude I am sure they arte far better than some other cultures plus they also are pretty good at making red wine at least.
    Sev and Luke are doing well, Luke is 3 months old and 7.05kg… nearly bigger than a hobbit.
    Lots of love, Sev, Luke and me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Just keep walking hobbit!
    You and accommodation… Always a drama somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I just knew a bathtub would feature sooner than later, but your droll tenacity is still a joy to read.
    Continue in good grace and safety, and do your best to stir international relations…

  4. Brian nobody had your red shoe style on this journey!!!!

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