Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 9 Sleeping in Zafra

Zzzz Nah , not all day although had a nice nap in the garden sitting in the sun.
Yesterday morning I was woken up by a series of booms close by
No sirens so must be something local.
After a not quite lavish but adequate breakfast I heard music outside so went to investigate.
In the little square outside the hotel were loads of people plus a small brass band and three men on horses. Plus and this will sound racist but it isn’t meant to , a kid about nine mounted on a small horse not a pony, in full caballero clothes , black , white shirt, black tie, black velvet jacket, black pants and full leather chaps and he was coal black.
Maybe the Moors ride again!

Anyway after a bit of music , the booms were made with a tuba !!!! We were all invited into the local town hall, I held back but was firmly included, inside we were plied with coffee and sweet biscuits,
After some time everyone filed out. Music started, horses all lined up , by now there were about 8 horses, riders all dressed up,lead horseman hoisted a banner and everyone set off down the street. I should have followed!!!!
Asked the receptionist where they were going, just out of town a big fiesta was being held with food Nd dancing.
Part of the Fiesta I had seen on my way into town the day before. A long long parade of farm vehicles all decorated and all shapes and sizes, plus loads of horses and men and women in traditional costume. It is a festival to celebrate rural life.
Upshot for me was most cafes were closed as everyone was out eating and drinking in a bucolic rural setting. That is when I wish I had a bit of Spanish.
Nice day off though wandering around.
Woke up this morning and wondered what the matter was, no aches!!!!
Twenty five ks to Torremejia should fix that

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  1. Graham and Fiona

    April 13, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    Hi Margaret.
    Have just caught up on your blog. Another interesting journey.
    Safe travels.
    Graham & Fiona.

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