Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 7 Zafra

Invited out to dinner with the French and the argy but decided not to go,watching the argy flirting simultaneously with five ageing Frenchmen was a bit nauseous.

Trotted across the road,nicely settled when in walks all of the above,bah humbug,ask me to join them,I decline sort of graciously. In walks the Frenchman from the first day,he joins me and we talk photography and rugby. My meal arrives,disgusting,rice with tinned franks and a fried egg. All the other table get up took at it,much hooting led by the aargh,I just glare and proceed to eat . Their meals are fine of course,well stewed veg,chips and grey meat….in walks Hostal owner,I fling my 50 e at him and say I am gone tomorrow,no,he sends son over,the rude little shit. Son proceeds to berate me waving round the booking from the web!!!! Aha the Spanish site states garden rooms extra BUT THERE SRE NO BLOODY ONE BEDROOMED GARDEN ROOMS I know checked the fire plan!!!!
I sling my 50 at him and tell him to piss off,no doubt as to my meaning. In the meantime I have cancelled the next night. I leave…..stamp out really like a hobbit having a hissy fit.
Read for a time,put all the heaters on high so it is almost warm,check my emails and the damn thing locks. Tell mysf to go sleep ,wake up at 4 am stillocked.

Shed a few sorry for myself tears and wonder what the hell to do..Maybe Zafra will have a digi shop ,this hog town won’t.
Wait until light,not early here about 8am,hear the photographer leave but nobody else.
Pack and set off run into owner,caffe ? He asks ,piss off….
Stamp the first five ks to a little village where I encounter the local fishmonger playi g with his phone,whip mine out and make smashing motions with it,HE FIXES IT!!!!!!

Give him a kiss on both cheeks he insists on a selfie,we are both grinning like Apes…phone was jammed simple to fix hold down both buttons for five seconds….
I bounce off very happy. See nobody but a young Dutchman who used to walk 42 ks a day but now he is der only does 38!!!!!
No sign of anyone else quite barren vineyard territory like the very top of the Wairau valley. Saw tracks from my little family two outside tyre tracks and one in the middle and my Frenchmans footsteps ,a bit muddy so easy to see..I learnt in Portugal to look for footprints when I was lost…

So imagine my surprise when I stopped for a coke,yes ,sigh,coke ,no alcohol while walking for me,there in the corner was the French/argy contingent. Mystery,they never came the same way as me,taxi I suspect… I smiled sort of, had my drink and left.
Now in a lovely hotel not a pilgrim in sight, slept for ten hours and now have a day off in a lovely town. And I have a huge bath!!!!!
Check out Casa Palacio Co de de la Corte in Zafra,cost 65 e back to slum I g it tomorrow but may alternate….
Another 25 ks done and dusted.

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  1. Enough already!!!!!!

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