Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 5 Monesterio Extremadura

New province,no longer in Andalusia … However hills just as damn steep and weather is colder. Will need to put three tops on soon.The long,nearly over the knee icebreaker socks Joan got me to buy are divine…look so sexy too below my 3/4 pants.
For those who got the photo this am I did not look nearly so cb ipper by the end of the 23 ks. Climbed the equivalent of the mt twice and I whine doing it once.

The first 13 ks were lovely, cool but great,nobody about, loads of birds. Sheep,goats and BIG cows, Plus three dogs who would like to have eaten me but wisely stayed on thier side of the fence, embarrassed probably when I called them nice doggies..
Saw a cuckoo so all was reasonably OK with the world.
Nibbled occasionally on the great roll a woman at a bar had made me for brekkie,will do that again,lasted all day!

Decided to stop about 12 when I saw a cafe, a woman pounced on me and said,Camino? Followed by unintelligible comments, said I did not understand, English was her disdainful comment,no NZ near Australia, I add that as most do not know.
She sniffed,English. I asked where she was from . Argentina, could not help myself. Spanish then….She has latched onto a group of Frenchmen,all a lot older and one who gave me a short shrift on day one….not French I suppose, sorry Sev….

Last ten ks were pretty shitty. On side of a motorway,reasonably quiet but my word it was steep..Finally found my hotel,right at the end of town but good for an early start tomorrow. Booked it from the warehouse accommodation. Have booked two nights in fuente something, one more day then a day off. I am managing the communication . Just! The phrase book is great…
Sun is actually out now so hopefully tomorrow will be warmer and flatter.

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  1. lovely to see/read about your wonderful travels in Spain.
    I do admire your determination -‘ fraid I would be on the next bus that passed me by!!

    safe journey

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