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Day 22? Banos de Montemayor/Calazada de Bejar

I seem to have been pounding the back roads of rural Spain forever but it is only three weeks.
Sometimes feel like I am on an endless loop from just outside ChCh to Timaru via the Rakaia gorge
Would have been cheaper and the food no worse
Pounded down from lovely Hervas this am about 9 ks on the road . Had a booking at a local hotel thanks to the lovely English speaking woman at the tourist office in Hervas.
arrived before lunch and thought yes!! Got a taxi to Calzada de Bejar which is one of those tiny very quaint villages way way out in the boondocks. Cost 26 e for a taxi there. My plan was as there was supposedly no accommodation other than a dreaded Hostal and because I do not want to skip bits constantly , was to walk back to my comfy hotel in Banos.anout 11 ks lies if course unless I do 2 ks an hour.
What do I see immediately on arrival in ,Calzada but a house advertising private rooms with bath30 e %#^*##
I set off going the opposite way ,causing slight consternation to the few pilgrims I saw , three couples and a pair of grumpy men. My tourist lady said Spanish walk the Camino at the weekends
Nice, mm, then it started to rain and rain and rain. I only had my rain Cape rest of the gear at the hotel,great without my pack,so sheltered under trees, at one point was sheltering on my side of the fence with three big Bulls on the other side, they moved!!!!
Up hill and down dale, lots of claret ashes here must be lovely in autumn plus green
beeches. Entering a deciduous area plus loads of green leaved forest pansies still with lots of flowers. Even saw bluebells
Finally tottered back to the hotel , frozen , thought the tiles were heated my feet were so cold
So getting up there Round 350 ks I think
Gets a bit boring as I said at the start like walking walking endlessly in Canterbury


  1. G’day! Need some English ehh? Will you settle for ‘strine’? From a white middle-class, middle-aged male??? (if I get to 120…)
    Haven’t done much walking since last year’s camino but did follow in my dad and grandfather’s footsteps down the 1Km main street of a country town yesterday, bedecked with their medals to then stand immobile for 90 minutes beneath the ubiquitous serviceman on his marble plinth in glorious autumnal sunshine and flawless blue sky. Mixed emotions of sadness in their absence and gratitude for their efforts to secure peace, which seems as elusive as ever. But I am enjoying the daily ‘stalk your walk’ reading – keep those steps moving and when in doubt there’s always our collective Anzac spirit from which to draw comfort.
    You’re an inspiration, go girl go!!!

  2. Being away from NZ for ANZAC this year made me sad. Never quite realised the implications of the date when I booked my flight last nov.
    Am out of poppy territory now but saw some lovely wild displays for the first two weeks.
    Thanks mmm kind wishes much appreciated

  3. Brian, I saw a man with red shoes today, not as nice as yours though

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