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Day 18 Hervas

Internet is dodgy here so shall make a start but who knows…Hervas is famous for being a town of converted Jews,well there are lots of posters about with Los Convertos on .

I was not sad to leave Jarilla, even if I did have an interesting meal with two Dutch truckers. The young one,23, offered me a lift to Gibralter on his truck,sort of tempted but had just made the Hervas booking…
I am slowly fading away with lack of food…can get all the dried out snack food you want from the bar counters but to get food that is fresh and sustaining almost ,you need to wait until about 9 pm then if it’s like Jarilla ,chips and pork snitzel.
All that food on the hoof and I am starving..bought brekkie supplies yeaterday as I am here 3 nights. All I was offered at Jarilla was two bits of cake,the day before stale bread toasted,saw the fresh bread arrive after my toast which was totally inedible by lunch time,ants got it….
Hopefully I will get a nice lunch here today. Am spending three nights here as I am stuffed.
On the walk to here yesterday,18 ks,saw loads of storks after food in the paddocks but golly they have acute hearing, soon as they hear my bag being unzipped from at least fifty metres they are off!!!!
Have seen quite a few Hawkes recently as well.
Yesterday it rained on and off, my cape is great for showers. Walk was all road ,the N630 which shows about 430 ks to Santiago the Camino takes the Long way home up hill and down damn dale.
Although faster walking on the road it is harder on the joints.

Plea for charity ,don’t forget to look up givealittle and find walking for life.
It is not the easiest web site in the world…donations for Cancer Society,maybe should be for serving pilgrims….


  1. Shirley Anderson

    April 23, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Yes have been on give a little and added my mite! Hope you are taking lots of photos of these beauty spots you are walking through, I expect to be inundated with fabulous images on your return. Good idea to take a day or two and regroup, top up the reserves with some decent food.
    By the way I hope the photos include shots of the Frenchmen, the Basque bicyclist, now the truckies as well!!!!!
    Fuel for fantasies!
    By the way, had my first order from Black-market wines, all Spanish (reds of course) and all had bloody plastic corks! Spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to get one out! Don’t think I’ll do that again. Live and learn, read the fine print.
    Always great to read your daily writings. Love it.
    Stay safe.

  2. When I buy wine here to take away I get them to take the cork out
    . Wrecked three Swiss army knives cork screws opening bottles said they would not replace again
    , mean I thought!!!!

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