Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 17 Jarilla

…and if you have never heard of it fear not …my life is not being enriched by staying in what is in reality a truckies way stop. Hope the food is good and by what I saw being poured into coffee in the bar am glad I am not out there driving.

Quite a nice day today. Lots of broom in flower and put that with the lavender and it looks great.
Walked from Caracaboso to above 22 ks third day of stamping along at that rate and I need a breather…
Had a Catherine and Bernard fly past me this am ,how do they keep the pace. Only other people were Cyclists who scare the wits out of me as they roar past.

Saw the blonde again,looking like a model perched on a marker….
Have cracked the French secret,their luggage is sent on…I could move the old bones faster without the carapace on my back….They also have a guide who carries water.
Supposed to rain tomorrow so will make any decisions re the trail then.
Have just completed over 300 ks….
Saw a tortoise today basking in a rock in a frog pond. I was too stuffed to cross the ditch to get his pikkie but think he was making a noise like a bass profundo cicada.
Lots of frogs about making frog noises and how do the cows and sheep selected for the bell around thier neck put up with it clanging all the time.
Briefly met an Alaskan woman at the roman ruins in Casparra. Oddly neither of us were much interested preferring to chat….


  1. However, Catherine and Bernard would definitely have their luggage sent on, though they could probably manage to carry their own water. Good to see there are distractions of flora and fauna. Yes, all through Europe, cows have bells. Why? They are often in paddocks with fences anyway. You could ponder the mysteries as you walk.

    Hope you find somewhere with more salubrious surroundings for your rest day. Happy walking.

    Catherine and Bernard xx

  2. Good Lord – day 17 already Margaret. How great to have a slow day at work so I can catch up with your travels. Stopped me yawning…..

    Ditto for having my luggage sent on — and taxis —- and red cross food parcels dropped off along the way. Being hungry would definitely see me on the first flight home.

    Rather you than me but am enjoying your writings so keep it up. xxxx Ali

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