Which is a walled town …I am outside the wall in an Arab hotel!!!!!
Long hard hike today and talking to my bicycling Basque , just as hard on a bike
Talking to another group of walkers, yes, last two days have been nasty and more to come
Glad it is not just me…got lost this am for a change. Was most put out and if a big white bird other than a stork had appeared I would have jumped on it or rather into it

I realise that the via de la plata is a middle aged middle class male domain. The younger ones like my cycling basque ride bikes
It seems to be something of a pissing contest …excuse the crudity nah don’t …it’s true
Forgot , the French are still around encountered them on my way to dinner they were outside the Hostal… Dinner was fine , a Spanish cyclist , very suave decided he would sit with me let him choose the meal , fine but most of the meal was spent with him baiting the French over their choice if wine. The French had a suckling pig looked good.
Scenery is still spectacular but I do miss the little bars of the Portuguese Camino never thought I would miss anything from that but regular coffee shots were great
This part of Spain is very sparsely populated but i enjoy the cows , huge!!!and the sheep with bells on. Plus the lavender and the mad insect life. Enormous ants, I am always careful where I put my pack at lunch and piddle stops ….
Just started seeing skinks some are large and the storks continue to entertain me