Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day 15 Grimaldo

Well 2/3 of it were great but the last third!!!!

I got lost in the midst of a large motorway reconstruction and after climbing over two motorway barriers, well, falling over really, I got the pip and decided to walk on the road to my destination embalsevde Alcantara by this time I had been walking for over five hours.

Thought I would give it another hour then put out my thumb. Hour passed so pack off and waited along came a car, will I, won’t I… I did, they whizzed past.

Shit. Pack back on, stumbled on, after 5 by this stage spot an Auberges might even share by this stage….nada, full. Bugger my guide book often does not have phone numbers….but obviously Spanish ones and Dutch one do

Anyway I am now in Grimaldo nice little place and 25e taxi to get here…accommodation also nice 20e.

Have got the B and B man here to book me places for the next two nights.

The Frenchmen are here they definitely cheat…
Saw the blonde this am hair trailing behind her but no sign of the argy.

I really did enjoy today until 3 pm met one other person a basque bicyclist from Bilbao – true


  1. Shirley Anderson

    April 20, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    Love the literary twists! (BBB’s) Hope the temperature is improving, doesn’t sound like there are many others doing this part- maybe with good cause! Still haven’t been able to find a decent map to follow your progress, google seem to have stuffed up there map site with some fancy upgrade which I can’t navigate! So haven’t a clue where you are but admire your persistence and stamina.
    Stay safe and enjoy as much as possible.
    xx Shirley

  2. I doubt if any of these places even feature on a map

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