Left Banos de Montemayor on the bus and must admit to serious misgivings as my last bus ride in Spin was from Cee to Santiago in a bus with failing brakes!!! No problems this time, a swish along the motorway and I was there for a whole 6.50 e cost 5.50 for a taxi to my expensive apartment 100 e a night sure it said less the that on booking .com
Gave the taxi driver a whole 50 p tip and he must have felt sorry for me as he leapt out of the taxi and facilitated my entry thru the formidable iron door and spoke to the owner oh so easy in Spanish
Apartment is nice but cold, owner assured me I would not need heating on, went down to 6 last night, tried to put the heating on, no way so socks to bed
There is a nice little cafe opposite here. Supermarket nearby nd just on the edge of the historical district so good place to be, no tourists or pilgrims here only me.
Had my wayward crown replaced, 15 e I was amazed. Mind you I was amazed when it fell out as had forgotten I had it! How dopey is that.
Like NZ spring weather , about 19 c I note with horror that santiago is about 14

Salamanca has a population of about 150,000 and it is nice to see lots of young people after al the oldies in the rural areas
The town seems more sprawled out than I remember.
Dog du jour in Spain seems to be those funny little Yorkshire terriers plus small schnauzers. Complete contrast to the great big pony sized brutes in the countryside.
Oh yes, still have not quite got to terms with Spanish meal times.
Seems like lunch in restaurants is between 1 pm nd 3.30 pm and dinner is between 8.30 and 10 .30 /11
The little cafes seem to have different hours but both restaurants and cafes serve the sme food whatever time you go. Cafes tend to be tapas bits and pieces sometimes good but more often dried out and to me looking like food poisoning territory.
Off walking again Friday am , landlady here hoping to organise accommodation for me