Sniffling with rain this am and has just cleared mid pm so nada walking today
See , I have no trouble with this foreign language stuff….
Have decided that the last 40 ks from here to Salamanca are simply in the too hard basket, only Alberques available and I have no wish for death at the hands of angry peregrinos denied aCCeS to the one toilet because I am parked in there. Neither do I wish to have to find a nearby bush, might be ticks lurking.
So catching the big machine with wheels tomorrow for Salamanca where I will stay for a few days. Have booked an apartment. Anyone want a few days in Salammca? From memory it is a lovely city with Europes oldest university, UK has the oldest of course Oxford?
Shall rejoin the Camino there.
Glad I did my backwards stint yesterday as the track would have been awfully muddy today.
Think there will be a few peregrinos on the bus tomorrow according to my Irish ladies.

Sunday today so the bars are full mainly men!!!
Something I have noticed is 2pm on a Saturday when everything basically shuts down until Tuesday morning , is very similar to 5 pm on a Friday in NZ!!! The noise level is horrendous!!!