Old joints are starting to calm down thank heavens
I have been thinking about travel and do sometimes wonder if it is worth the biscuit.
Someone once said the pleasure is a third in the planning a third in the doing and. Third in the reflection. Guess we all expect it to be 90% in the doing..
Things that rattle me are:
Getting keys to operate ,every door and key has a mind of its own ,no two are similar
Operating showers,no two are similar
No bath plugs
Skinny towels
No soap for the shower just some damn scented wash
No bath
Insufficient loo paper, half a roll for three days for ME,using kitchen towel surprising it was available
POLYESTER SHEETS a huge hate ,have used my sheet sleep bag numerous times already,currently being washed in an unfathomable life of its own washing machine
No soap powder for washing machine,cheap shampoo works a treat
Rock harde beds
Rock hard pillows though that has not been such a problem this time

T V remotes all are different
Getting lost time and time again probably because I apply Southern Hemisphere logic to a northern map ,is that possible. Ended up the other day diametrically opposite where I wanted to be
Arriving in a town with no clue where to go and finding accommodation is on the other side of town
Not being able to find said accommodation

Snotty receptionists , just cause I smell a little…so would they after a day pounding along
Trying to get email connections even though I have a Spanish SIM card
Food,well this is humdinger, never quite know what I am ordering ,check my phrase book but does not have everything in it…
Counterfood,imagine a Temuka cafe that does not have much walk in trade ,that is whT a lot of it looks like. Because this part of the Camino is so remote just getting food is a mission.
I am sure there are more,actually predictive text is a hate don’t seem to be able to turn it off
Getting obviously ripped off even if only for a few euros. Paid three times I think the other day for brekkie. Cost was I itially 20 then 23 with brekkie when I got there,was 25 then brekkie with stale bread was 4 e
Not getting emails from family and friends it is the only English language contact I sometimes have
Learning to use said phone for everything!!!..
Some boring scenery
Walking the Camino at times is a hate but more often is on the plus side

Finding a nice and not ott in cost hotel,happens now and again…
Having a nice meal,yesterday ,lambs ear lettuce salad with raspberry dressing followed by pork of course but a nice fillet with red current jus ,the usual chips of course followed daringly by a pineapple Charlotte plus two glasses of nice wine, all for 20 e
Seeing storks and Hawkes and all sorts of other birds as I trudge along
Seeing lovely butterflies in all colours..seeing the tortoise.
Having some nice interactions with fellow walkers….even if they are
Male white and middle class….
Not seeing walkers for days on end….
Getting emails from family and friends and amazing FaceTime calls from Joan that scare the hell out of me when my phone rings!..
My new phone even if it does funny things. Have read four books on it,that saved at least 2 kgs in weight.
Coping without any Spanish, guide book said not to go without basic Spanish ha
I survived China for three months without basic mandarin, my mime skills are quite good
And just opening your purse for the cafe to get the right change sometimes gets me a better price!!!!
The fear of it all will I make it!!!!
The thought of actually making it.
Some lovely scenery.
Some lovely towns,Merida,Caceres and here,Hervas though only tiny 4000 people