Day 13 was spent getting here and day 14 seems to have been spent trying to get money on my phone interspersed with little food stops and the odd wine.

So getting here wS the usual ups and downs. First part was nice lotsa lavender growing wild but all a bit chilly. A few creeks to hop across some with large stepping stones a challenge for short legs and the usual cattle stops designed for feet bigger than
Met up with five spaniards who were actually a Pom ,a Uruguayan and three Spaniards. Had lunch with them in valdesor where they were staying in an alberque.
I headed on out and on and on …. Eventually spotted Caceres in the distance but it was two hours before Imade it to my hotel. It takes forever to get into places on foot then to get lost a zillion times due to language complications ,why do they speak louder and faster….

Eventually got to the hotels a bit manky I thought for 100 e a night. Shown,no given the key to my room ,floor 4 no window only a skylight. Down I go and pounce, not staying there not what I was shown on got another room potential for noise asked for ear plugs!!!! Room was ok but why only one piece if soap and a totally useless comb…
Happily did some laundry and hopped into the shower
Long black hair in shower!!!!
I gingerly scooped them to one side. Once clean I tucked them into a piece of paper and gave them to the snotty receptionist..oh my. Good result….not so snotty.
However they Cannot manage their switchboqrd as I never got a call I was expecting. My fault somehow…

Breakfast is managed by a commandant so not sure how I will manage to filch some tomorrow.
Cold as hell today. Catherine ,the shawl a jumper and a Merino t shirt did not do it so now have a thermal fleece as well,may well wear it to bed. The sandled feet cause raised eyebrows.I WILL NOT WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDLES IN DAYTIME! Temp according to the farmacia signs is 16 with a windchill of about 8 ….
Old town Caceres is fabulous and again nobody around. All 14 c stuff. A Jewish quarter and Arab one and of course a huge church etc etc all very late Middle ages. No church’s open anywhere…
Octopus for lunch today forgotten how rich it was…
Off to Embalse de Alcantara tomorrow about 21 k…
Ages now till a decent size town,Salamanca. I am over 1950 and Bach style accommodation….
Done about 230 ks