Only another 42 days to go….
I have just been neatly ripped off, first wine 1.30 e second wine 3.30 most expensive wine I have had in Spain
The bar Owner also owns the mad apartment I am staying in on this rather remote and odd little town. Far cry from the Parador. Last nights dinner consisted of wild asparagus, with wit loof , bitter here as well , plus half a calf still bleeding and a dessert that purported to be rose petals I can spot rose essence,nice though even if it did keep Me awake.
This am I marched out of the breakfast room with a filled roll and an orange and a rather nice napkin enjoyed it at noon,not often one has linen at lunch time. It was only a small napkin….
Parts of today were lovely, wild lavender and avnues of cistus that went on for kilometres.
However realise what exhausts Me is the hunt for either any accommodation or booked accommodation
Because I have zero Spanish and most down here have zero kiwi it is a bit difficult
They do the standard thing of talking louder…..
Eventually I got a bed, well the little apartment has six beds and only one chair in the sitting area.about 23/4 ks today but quite nice far better scenery than the vineyards