Yes, another day off, mainly because
Of the Roman ruins here. Visited them today, they are scattered thru this very historic city.
Easy to access and only cost about 10
Dollars to visit them all
Very few people around at this time of the year. One of the sites had been Roman then Arab then catholic…had been a temple a mosque and then a villa. A huge amphitheatre with extensive use of bricks and on the same site a marvellous theatre that rivalled the one at Ephesus. Day started off lovely and sunny then rained heavily for a few hours is now sunny again at 7.30pm.max temp about 24 c
Interesting City , quite big with some yummy shops….
Just about feel up to hitting the road again two sixteen k days coming up
Have caught up with my Laundry and have not seen a pilgrim all day.ran into the Dutchman last night, the 38 k a day man. He is heading off to Madrid for a week with his wife then back on the trail.
Must admit every time I see the TGV roar by I am reminded of the week t and I spent in Madrid gallery hopping and am tempted to revisit Madrid myself.
Must keep focused… Roman ruins are allowable if en route!!!!