Not done with day 9 yet….
In the lovely Hotel Milenium bar waiting for for dinner time to arrive,8 30 here andin walks one of the aging Frenchmen followed closely by the argy..staying in the albergue. I muttereded a greeting. And went back to my e book…
Eventually they went off to the Hostal for dinner I stayed put. 8,30 came aNd went no sign of food..asked,told to go somewhere else not enough- me- to cook for..Getting g dark by now I stamped off. Ended up having standard salad and calamari,stamped ba m to hotel,Slept in my sheet sleeping bag, sheets too polyester to ignore,
Went back to dinner place for brekkie,fine.
Guess who I ran into and shadowed for the next two hours,ms argy….
I kept up and the French men have obviously gone.

Absolutely stuffed today, glad it is only 16 ks…was hard going ,nasty rough farm tracks.
Am in luxury tonight and tomorrow at the Parador but crikey the staff are noisy and really the most luxe thing is the price, Back to slumming Thursday
Merida is a nice town,some significant Roman ruins….