Which is the longest sodding 16 ks from the last place I have ever walked .
Talk about damn hills, I now walk with a permanent lean forward. My guide book never mentioned any hills today but they were longer and harder than yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be flatter.

Scenery was not quite so nice either but some lovely lavender covered hillsides. Also forests of oak,that is what the tree is Catherine . Sent C a picture of a tree, someone said it was cork but a sign said oak!!!in English even!!!
Lots of pig farms too,large black ones us huge dogs. If the dogs were chained they barked madly if loose they ignored you.They looked like super huge labs.
Also lots of gates today, obviously the national park is intersected with private land on this section.

Hostel is in a warehouse!!!clean and new but still a warehouse. Nobody speaks English so my phrase book goes back and forth.
For a late lunch I had chicken noodle soup followed by sliced raw apples with condensed milk and chocolate sauce,scraped off the milk and sauce…
Suspect I am paying thru the nose.
Was and still is cold. Had two tops on plus long socks a jacket and my hat,started to rain just as I arrived into above place but fine again now. Today’s walk would have been cruel Inthe Heat.
My Belgian has gone and so has the lovely couple with the baby. They were
From Austria,Martin,Catherine and baby Jacob, had dinner with them a couple of nights. Martin has walked from Vienna to Santiago,3000 ks. No ,I won’t be doing that. The baby,18 months old sleeps in a three wheeled Cart and when awake travels in Dads backpack….
Even they agreed today was hard and would be getting a taxi to take them the next 20 ks they planned to do today!!!!!!
So22 ks tomorrow and into Extremadura province. Says the last 200 metres is steep, it must be!!!
Remains of breakfast roll and a chocolate at for lunch on the walk today .