Very chilly start and never really warmed up all day although the sun did come out for quite a while. Also,a very generous breakfast at the ‘hotel’.
Today’s walk was great,avoided the long road section and went straight to the National Park.Called Sierra nort,presume northern sierras. They were damn high anyway..

Park was well maintained,huge,I suspect it is thousands of hectares,took over four hours to cross it. Lots of wild flowers,hillsides of lavender.Heard a cuckoo then herd a shining cuckoo. Saw a horse skeleton but no other animals.
Olive trees gave way to gums then pines maybe pine nut trees. Lovely vistas and a couple of ponds with my faves,frogs!!!!

Eventually came to the dreaded way out and up, It was straight up,took me a fifteen minute very slow plod. Fantastic vistas both sides but better yet could see the above town. Took longer coming down. Must be quite high up still as there is another 300 m descent sometime tomorrow.

Saw my first large black pigs,safely behind a fence,had pork chops,good, for dinner.
Town is small,depends on pork I suspect.

Accommodation is ok pleases me that no bugger is making heaps from my bookings.
Unlike those rascals at Camino ways last year. Accommodation cost 20 e food ,lunch and dinner 15 e included a few wines..
Hotel here has booked my accommodation for tomorrow night…sounds ok.
Big worry is I have no cache of snack food.
Have decided that from week two I will discard an item of clothing a week,should arrive in Santiago with not much….my twenty yr old merino tops can have an honourable end if they do not disintegrated before then…