Woken up about 6.30 by a huge clap of thunder followed by pouring rain….sigh
Still had not abated by 9 am so no help for it but to set off.
First part thru anindustrial area then onto the muddiest stretch I have ever encountered. Defeated a couple with a cart containing a baby,David remember the coue last year with a cart..
They rocked up later having come by road… Two hours of slipping and sliding and inches of mud on my boots,then it cleared up and was lovely.
Loads of wild flowers including lavender plus large bovine beasts ambling about plus wonderful smelling citrus orchards.
Had lunch leaning against a stone outside a hacienda gate,yesterday’s purloined boiled egg.
Man came thru gate on a farm bike,chatted,we’ll sort of…and gave me an apple…
On and on,sorT of over today as tired from the mud…arrived at above place and headed for unnamed hotel in the guide book.Very nice,second act of kindness,plate of very garlicky tomatoes and bread and a bowl of the dreaded baccalu and rice. Actually it was very good,if you had never seen salt cod,damn good. No charge,mind you have a very garlicky mouth…

Think the Belgian is here and the couple with baby.
Hotel is ten times better than last night and cost me 30 e including breakfast. Although this morning I had two lots of bread and coffee,cost me three dollars extra.

Certainly not many walkers,only about six been sighted , I am the oldest woman of course…get disapproving looks from women my age,odd….

Tomorrow I am hoping to get a taxi for th firSt 13 ks to avoid rOad walking,,,,
What do I think about,all sorts of things,plus this year have the luxury of music..
Mainly I have to whip myself not to sit on th side of the road by the end of the day…

Great signage on this trail compared to Portugal….