Up bright and early and full of fear!
Met a NZ couple at breakfast,off, with 140 Americans on a follow the Moors trip.Rather them than me from the fellow passengers.
Come 9 am nowhere to go but out the door.
Caught a taxi for the first ten it still left me about 15…cost twenty euro,worked out I could go to Santiago for two thousand dollars..
Nobody about met a Belgian man who hopes to do it in six weeks..
Some lovely walking,just me,the birds andthe fields and a long straight road…and the motorway 200 metres away.

Quite hot,but a cool breeze, a diversion before town police came along and said track was flooded. So an extra few ks. The Belgian ignored them, said it was OK.

Small hotel,very noisy ,no soap,no plugs,those sheets,bed OK.
I was tottering by the time I arrived,even a six kg pack tells on the body, 23 ks tomorrow, Rain is threatened.

Forgot to mention when I went to the Cathedral to get my first pilgrims stamp in my lovely gold book,need the stamps from each stop as proof of your walk at Santiago,the enormity of what I was undertaking threatened to overwhelm me. Had to fight back tears and the desire to flee to a neaby beach and hide out.

By the feel of the glutes this am that may not have been a bad idea..