Made it to here yesterday.Usual long boring flight,caught up on some sleep though.
For those of you who know me well, as usual I sweated the small stuff,this time getting my large bag to an unknown hotel….easy peasy of course, you get a taxi,Twenty Pound later and no lifting by moi,I am at the hotel. Must have looked a sad sack as I got an upgrade to a very nice room.
Going to Windsor today,though very Gray outside…
Next challenge is getting to Gatwick and then to Seville and then to the hotel. Sometimes staying at home seems like a good option…..

A little outing to Windsor
Caught various buses and ended up in Windsor,castle still great. But not asked n for tea..
Interesting coming back to the hotel ,went to get on the bus and the large blonde Driver said something like’gerror’ not understanding the local language I put another tentative foot forward,’GERROF’.I stood still,why was I not allowed on,then I spied a tiny little old lady with a walking frame coming towads me,asked her if I could help her off, which I did. Was sniffed at by GERROF…

Buses Are amazing places, there was a very odd young couple,who sat down in front of me and proceeded to kiss passionately,she was a largish square windowless building ,he was a weed,not pretty. Luckily they quickly ran out of breath.