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New Year’s Degustation Dinner

Sorry Joan I could not help myself….
Here I am at the Sofitel in Pnom Penh and true to type I turn down the 150 us dinner with all the Dom Perginon I can drink for;
Sushi from theh supermarket
accompanied hy Angkor Beer
Jack Fruit chips
Accompanied by Angkor stout(yum!)
two bananas accompanied by Mandarin Vodka
to be followed by at some point..
Pot Noodles, more vodka
to be followed by…
weird fruit from the fruit basket
damn only up to five courses and a total cost in my very expensive room of about six bucks….
For got I have little lemon atrts from somwhere…

Second New Years eve alone, T was admitted to the hospice last New Years eve and I think my menu was something similar.

Anyway, up about seven am and wandered down to breakfast which as I suspected was being cooked on an open fire, a not too bad omelette and great coffee, best I have had here….

Then a long hard drive to Phom Penh. Lunch was awful, trip to a toilet somewhere weird gave me cause for concern over the sanitation of my feet, get the idea….

The road was awful, bits are Ok but most is just unsealed and bumpy..gets done every year apparently, but never done properly. The road from Phom Penh to Sianoukville was made by the Yanks in 1974 and is still Ok.

Saw three bridges today with carved out kangaroos inscribed in them, yes, the Aussies built them.

Visited two temples today but think even Ran was finding it hard to enthuse….he has to go back the way we came and smile and wave at twenty Slovaks tomorrow. I must have have seemed a doddle, even if he had to help me down and up steps….Why on earth such small people have such huge steps is beyond me….apparently it should not be easy to reach Nirvana….

Tomorrow I have declined the Killing Fields and the school where the people where killed, all 16,000 plus ! over two million altogether were bumped by Pol Pot…
I do not do, sad or awful places unless they are many hundreds of years old…

Not sure how it happened but the day after tomorrow I schlep back up north to ride a bike around some paddy fields. I would have thought that such an expensive company could organise similar events in similar places.. I actually fly out of Siem Reap….but no time to go back to Angkor Wat….well amybe we will see about that…
Happy New Year, just off to boil the expensive jug for the noodles….


  1. Hi mum,
    Your new years eve was about the same as ours, sat at home ate steak and mash. I had 2 beers and Sev had half a cider because she could. went to bed at 10pm.
    Sounds like some interesting travels you are having and look forward to seeing you on Monday.

    Happy New Year, Me, Sev and soon to be Luke

  2. Shirley Anderson

    January 1, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Happy new year Margaret. I just caught up on your blog last night and have enjoyed reading it. Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself despite the grumbles. Sunny day here and am off to the lake to walk dog and self, walk off some Christmas cheer.
    By the way, did you try the bats and the morning glory??

  3. No bats but have had olenty of stalky oldmorning glory….
    Happy New Year…

  4. Fruit bats appear to be pretty tasty if you originate from Vanuatu or New Caledonia. I think they are ok but very rich… will stick to lamb.

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