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Day: January 2, 2015

Grumpy Bird

After eight hours in a Honda CRV , old, with a hard suspension , not a happy bird….
I moaned about twenty minutes out but told I should have complained yesterday, well yesterday was just a few short hops….Said I wanted a Camry ….. have had one so far each day in Cambodia….much phoning etc but only get one if I waited three hours in some dusty hole….By this time of course we were well on the road….
Getting one tomorrow though, mainly because I leave here at 6.30 am day after tomorrow,for three plus hours to Siem Reap…

Lunch was interesting with this pair, told i had to pay for any drinks, never have them, then they proceeded to order up large, steamboat, fish, mango salad etc, I had fried rice. This lunch bill will be glaringly different from the noodle soups I/we usually have…

Scenery was abit better today, and the road definitely was, would have been good in a Camry!!!!

One interesting stop at a floating village, onto a rickety boat and out past all the floating houses, quite poor of course, but there were machine shops doing quite heavy machinery, probably boat motors, laundries and many one roomed dwellings with the out house tacked on one end, straight into the river…
Saw a dog expertly crap into the river from his deck!
Now, the fish that was eaten came from that river…Saw women washing pots and utensils in the river……
Hard living I would expect with high mortality.

Suspect my three day add on for here has been condensed into one busy day tomorrow. I paid nine hundred dollars for it!!!!!

Had an interesting discussion with the tour operator just before…he did not expect me to know about hard suspensions or how long it took to bike 5 ks, which the guide said the bike ride was…Suggested he do a comparative exercise between his brochure and what I am getting, having paid for the brochure deal….

I also questioned the wisdom of sending me down to Phom Penh and then back up north, rather like sending someone from Auckland to Taupo, then up to the Bay of Islands then down to Napier to fly back out of Auckland..

Well I am allowed one serious moan….

Phom Penh

Tempted to leave this blank…apart from the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, not much to see.
I also went to the National Museum, interesting to see where textiles started emerging, about 16 cbut sure there was weaving here before that.
Also interesting to see the Monash University interpretation of what Angkor Wat city looked like in its hey day, David it maybe what you saw….
Found out today that Angkor Wat is supposedly owned by the Vietnamese and lesed back to the Cambodians, seems far fetched but there is little evidence of the money one pays to enter gets spent in Cambodia…

Went to the shop, Daughters of Cambodia, where ex sex workers are given an opportunity to kearn new skills to the enable them to survive without that particular industry. Also a section in the shop called Sons of Cambodia…,,
Also tried to get to Trunkh but closed for the holiday, only shop in town that was shut….

Went to the Russian Market, but bought sime silk from a shop opposite….
Toddled back to the hotel for a much needed zzzz.
Went out to the mall next to the hotel, full of goodies, and amazingly ran into the couple I had met in Luang Prabang.
Had drinks with them, staying in the same hotel but in a much swankier room….they declined the expensive dinner as well

We decided that Laos wins in the scenery and charm stakes ….but then there is Angkor Wat…
I read in abook that Cambodia may have been better off without it as it would have had to do more to earn money…..

So tomorrow another long trip, 290 ks, not sure why I did not go to Battambang from Siem Reap…however the guide assures me that it is a better trip…

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