Was as nice in its own way as day one.
After a very leisurely start, I set off down the road and around the corner to the Morning Market. Big building that houses a huge number of small traders, two floors of activity but more floors that seem to be blocked off.
Two floors was enough for me! One floor was all jewellery.
Pig in the proverbial, I tried on all sorts of things in the end bought a tiny bit of gold adornment. Whether it is real or fale who knows!!!!
Paying for it was interesting, first rule of thumb is never ket your card out of your sight, mine vanished with me squawking, young man feom adjoing stall comes over, dont worry was his response girl, who was sent away with card, is just looking for somebody with connection.
Girl eventually comes back, nothing doing, she takes me downstairs to an ATM machine, we both look at it blankly, then she takes me to a fabulous silk shop, YES! they have the magic connection. I duly enter my pin and get my slip.
As I left the stall where I bought the gold, it was handed to me…..

All this took over an hour…I had a good look around the silk shop, not cheap but very reasonable compared to what we pay. Had done enough retail therapy for one day.
But I did find a supermarket and am now a happy camper as I have almonds in bulk and kit kat in small supply….
Got a tuk tuk back to the hotel, 20,000 kip was the request, I knew it should be ten, naughty boy I said and gave him ten, he grinned!!!!

Guess what I had for lunch.

Had a snooze and a read, then went down to watch the sunset over the Mekong. Only about five minutes away, no need to even go around a corner just straight down the street.
The street along the river is closed to traffic at 4.30 and the locals jog, walk, play badminton etc in the park and on the road. The sun goes down in the industrial haze on the Thai side of the river about 5.45 pm.

I walked back to the hotel stopping for a Lao beer on the way, one dollar fifty for a 650 ml bittle, I drank it all!
Back to the hotel for a Lao meal called Labh, hot spicey minced chicken with greens, very tasty, eight dollars .
Would have been cheaper on the street but no obsequiousness there…
A really nice day. Climate is good at the moment, about 24 with a slight drop at night. Think the night drop will change as I go north. Laos live on the street as in most of Asia, the electrcs hang in great clumps, the cars park on the footpath and pedestrians walk on the road….Lots of big Remuera tractors about….