Is a town best avoided if you are over fifty and it is a a friday or a Saturday…..
Trip here was pleasant, though long, left Vientiane at 8.45 and got here at 2.30.
Vientiane stretches for miles out into the countryside until gradually it just stops. Lots of very very small rice paddies but not much other agriculture until we hit the hills then there were rubber trees.
Went off the beaten path to see some buddhas deep in the jungle, five of them in relief, two were quite big, about three metres high. Date back to the 16C apparently.
Gate in was locked so had to climb thru a barbed wire fence, fun!!!!
Lunch was at a township built on a hydro lake, quite pretty, high up in the hills. Main industry is fish, dried, salted whatever. We had a fish soup for lunch , not as good as the one I had in Vientiane, noticed the driver had an omelette and vegie, will watch what he eats in future.
Went over quite ahigh pass with driver passing everything but he is reasonably cautious. BUT when there is nothing in front he goes slow.

A couple more hours of jungle and we arrived in Vang. Reminded me a lot of Guilin in southern China, same limestone pinnacles and pretty slightly misty scenery.

Attraction here is the river, which is wide and shallow, people kayak down it and float down it on rubber tubes….
Used to be a party river but too many got drowned now there are only a few bars.
Town is full if backpackers, not much in the town just caters for tourists
Climbed a zillion steps up to a cave whose main point of interest to me is was that it was hiding place for the Pathet Lao..No more caves I told the guide, they do not do it to me.
Back down and a quick trip up the river to look at the kayakers etc up close and personal, It was fun really, a flat bottomed Thai style rat tailed boat. Getting in and out was less then elegant.

Finally rid of the guide and driver I have Sook and Suk, more fun….
About 5.30 pm the noise started, a head banger band a few hotels away…They may as well have been in my room.
Asked for a different room on other side of resort, full of course. But they did ring and complain, noise went from nine decibels to seven and continued until 11 when the police can shut them down. Then they all yahooed for at least an hour.

See why I said do not come here if under fifty!!!!
Pity as the resort is nice, meal was a bit average but nice surroundings on the terrace looking at the river…
Today another journey, longer this time , to the Plain of Jars.
Still in the mini bus, just me.
Sook and Suk and I have little battles over the aircon…..