Had an almost decent nights sleep and a bit of panic….my adaptor did not fit the plug!!!Borrowed one from the hotel with every intention of pinching it if I could not get another one!

Breakfast full of goodies that would have made my inards rebel settled for friit and an onelette, was collected by Phouvanh , my guide and Mr Suk the driver. I let my imagination run riot over those two names.
I was transported around again in a large mini van, just me, bet for the long hauls I have a Micra or similar!!!!
First stop was to buy some kip, the Laos money. 8000 to one us dollar, probably about 6000 to our dollar. Then first temple, quite beautiful really, only one the Thais left when they went on a marauding run around 1830.
Lots of beautiful buddha stautes, all the heads were minus the pointy bit on top as that was put on last after families had hidden their wealth inside, Thais wanted the wealth, of course.

Next stop, was, I thought to see an Emerald Buddha, now that will be good I thought as I have never been to the one in Bangkok, pity, as this was the temple of the Emerald Buddha, the original of course was pinched in the same maraude as the above in 1832.
Quite a few tourists around but by European and Indian standards not many. A few euros but manily Thai or Chinese.

Lot of Chinese investment here of course….

Next stop a stupa, read burial mound. Apparently some of Buddhas toenail shavings or such like are here. All surrounded with large gold painted bits and pieces. There is also a large, not quite as large as the Thai one, but big, reclining buddha.
I oohed and aahed and was told it was only finished threee years ago!!!Effective though.

Seven years ago the Laotians built a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, never quite got finished, berated by the locals but I quite liked it.
Had a dry roasted kumara for lunch , had them often in Shandan plus a dry roasted green banana, never had them before…

Then went down to the mighty Mekong, 2000 ks from China here and still 2000 ks to go to the sea.

Then ventured with poobear into the market and for four dollars got a new plug so wont have to thieve after all. Also bought two pairs of socks, same price, fear it may be chilly up north as quite cool here in the morning.
Gave poohbear equivalent of eight dollars but think he expected more, golly he was lucky to get that!!!!

Back to the hotel, out down the road for a great Laos soup, sort of sweet and sour with river fish in it, carp or cat fish, the skin put me off but after awhile I got tired of peeling it off and just ate it. Huge bowl, four dollars.

Came back, sat by the pool, read, then had a zz, watched a movie and that was me for the day.
Free day tomorrow, not a great deal to do, may go on a tuk tuk for old times sake, walk down to the river, have few zzzz and more Lao food.
I am enjoying it!!!!!