Obviously my word of the moment!
After a breakfast ,served by the two hovering boys from the night before. Yes, they hovered over me all thru dinner, watched every mouthful, weird, told them to go and do something more interesting, they just looked embarrassed….Owner? manager? treats the pair like dogs, snarls instructions at them…
One other couple , Laotian at breakfast looking as miserable and cold as me and obviously departing.
Guide arrived, asked how I was, I replied fine as long as I get out of here. Totally over his head and he started explaining our day, I stopped him and told him what was going to happen. One site only , there are three sites that make up the Plain of Jars all some distance from each other, THEN we are going to Luang Prabang!
He spluttered a bit, told him I was packed and to go get my bag and make a phone call, but I know there are rooms available so let us make tracks!!!!!!

We made tracks!!!! Cost me an extra night at an exhorbitant rate, actually it was the same rate as the net. Think the bunk house was minimal so lost nothing there….

Plain of Jars, well first surprise was the sign with a small silver fern on saying the NZ govt supports this place, do we?
Then a new visitor information centre opened by our GG last year, paid for by us!!!! Bet he flew in!!!! A small apologjy perhaps for our participation in the secret war?

Anyway, the jars are stunning, look like concrete and some stand 2.5 metres tall with a circumference of at least that tapering top and bottom. Hole in the top about 1 m wide. Only saw one with a lid! Must be over a hundred at this site. There are trenches here too where fighting took place and a couple of large bomb craters, about 15 m diameter, big bomb.

Only a few tourists about and the area is quite bleak, not many trees. Jars are a source of mystery as to what they were used for, at least two thousand years old. Some suggest burial chambers others say whiskey was stored in them, we will never know.
David, this will amuse you, there was Japanese couple adding to a mound of stones a la Camino, I resisted!!!!!

So off we went retracing the last 170 ks from the day before, up, down and around, drove along some stunning ridges….
They do not madly use their horns, just a discreet beep beep.
Traffic mainly, trucks and scooters. Saw a group of about twenty Europeans on big bikes. Saw a few mad Europeans on cycles, but no gear so obviously a support vehicle somewhere..

Saw a very nasty accident not far from Luang Prabang, upturned truck in a ditch, still smoking, driver in cab, dead I think. They carry huge loads and topple on the bends….
Mr Suk who had been obviously been getting tired and was driving faster, slowed down quite noticeably.
Last 110 ks from the point known as the junction as the roads from Phonsavanh, Vang and Luang Prabang meet there, seemed to take forever.
Finally arrived, at the hotel, LP looks quite interesting, a UNESCO protected town. Hotel very smart, no bath in my room and I wanted one!!! So paid thru the nose and am now in a very spacious suite with a bathroom and a shower room!!!!
Dinner was fine, guests mainly French, Have an elephant thumping around me in the room above,now 8 am been tramping since 6 am!!!!

This place is pretentious you have to request a tv, I am going to as sound rises, and anyway I like CNN and movies!!!
Hurrah, just heard a departure down the stairs!!!!

Saw loads of toi tois on the way here, plus coreopsis…along with the usual lantana etc…

Also saw one of the poorest living sites ever, thatched huts, open drains, wallowing pigs, scrawny chickens and dogs….
Nobody in that village with American relations.

Oh yes, you are heavily fined if a non Laotian is caught having a realtionship with a Laotian!!!!!

Enjoying the food, the innards are behaving, no bread, no dairy!!!!Just beer!!!!
Warmer here and just a bit of gentle temple hopping on foot today.