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On the road again….

Having decided that I did not want to be a spare duchess at anybody’s place this Christmas, the decision to go to Lao and Cambodia was easy.
Have not been to either place, seen Lao from both Vietnam and Thailand but never been on its soil, now I am!!!!

The least pleasant flight I have had in years getting here, actually getting here from Singapore was fine, getting to Singapore was bumpy and uncomfortable , kept sliding off my expensive seat. Plane was old, staff a bit grumpy, food was mediocre and 1 am is not the best time to start on champagne. Had an interesting travel companion, we put the world to rights…
Most exciting part of the trip was spilling a glass of orange juice, very thick orange juice, all over my seat, my jeans , my jumper and the floor. Took many little damp towels to clean it all up…..

Had a little drama with the innards as we were landing, never got up and gone to the loo taxiing in, twice! Well it was a long taxi in.
Spent my six transit hours at the transit hotel, funny that. Slept a few hours then got on a late Laos Aiways flight.
Met by my guide whose name is whatever, and driver who is whatever two, will write thier names down today.
First impression of Vientiane, a slightly scruffy Hanoi.
Usual motor scooters, electric wires running madly down the walls of the houses, not many buildings over three stories, usual ubiquitous brand names. Some interesting architecture here and there, French influence in the architecture is strong.

Guide proudly told me they are now a member of Asean and lots of money would be coming in to build hotels…
Hotel is nice, old French one, only 29 rooms. Guide said I looked tired and probably best not to venture out to the night market, yeah right!!!

Anyway, after a duty free felt stuffed and did go to the hotel restaurant, could have been inPortugal, a white meal, chicken and chips…night market for me from now on.

Not very hot, but 29 c expected for today. Temple trotting today…oh well….

Catherine, the shawl has done sterling service already.


  1. Catherine and Bernard

    December 19, 2014 at 8:49 am

    Won’t take long to be templed out methinks. If you wear out the shawl, I could post you another one. Colour?

  2. same, I think I suit Imperial purple!!!!
    Yes, meals out!!!!!

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