After a ridiculously cold start, guests huddled all over the place with odd assortments of clothing on, all bemoaning the cold,it turned out sunny by about 11 am .
Sook collected me and proceeded to walk the socks off me. Went from one end of town to the other and across a rickety bamboo bridge over a Mekong tributary before walking me back.Took about four hours….

Town is very attractjuve, lot of houses in French Provincial style and seems quite prosperous. Lotsa shops but seemed a bit like shopping with Nik, Sook is young and has no understanding of the female need to “look”.

A lot of young backpackers here and older hippy type tourists.
Satri House where I am staying has none of those….all well dressed Europeans and one English wide boy who spends his time doing deals on the phone. Wonder if there is anyone on the other end….

The reward for crossing the rickety swing bridge, a few heart stopping moments when I wondered if I would have a panic attack, was SILK SHOPS…
Yes, across the river in a particulalrly unappealing village was all the local silk shops. Expensive though, silk by the metre here was 25 dollars us in Vientiane it was13 !!!!
Quality seemed the same.

Bought a little silk, well how could I not after crosssing the river…..

Noodle soup for lunch then back to the hotel for a nod.
Dinner was over by seven, book was finished so damn it I asked for a tv!!!!
Have to request them…..
Chatted to the Latvian receptionist and found out the plans for Christmas Eve, think I will put my head under the covers!!!!
Drinks, traditional dancing then I am seated in the library at a table on my own with five other couples at their tables, whoopee!!!! I asked why not all together, she said people moan!!!!
At least there is fire in the library, bit smokey though.

This morning I got up at 5.30 and went down to the corner near here where the monks pass by to get their daily food.
About eight women were gathered, kneeling on the road with baskets of food, they had sashes around their shoulders and think it signified they had a son a monk. Along came the monks and f ood was handed out to each one from the mothers, all got a bit of everyones, I took some bananas….
The monks are silent, the mothers chant and give the food, the monks move off and the mums go home!!!!

Boat riding today and supposedly another damn cave…then this evenings treat is 340 step climb to the top of a nearby mountain to catch the sunset and the view…Think I may give it a miss….camera does not do panoramic seems a good excuse….