After coffee with my xmas dinner companions it was finally time to leave Satri House….Farewell was most ceremonial, the receptionist, Latvian, the General Manager, Swiss, plus assorted Laos came out to say goodbye, not sure if it was relief that Iwas going or done for everyone, nice anyway.

flight took two hours to Siem Reap, noticeable difference in the landscape, FLAT!
Had filled in two forms on the plane, on arrival handed another one to fill in, lined up with that and given yet another one to fill in. By this time it was not a who can walk fastest, but who can write fastest, I was in the lead by now….
Totally unintelligble form but scribbled on it anyway…
Out!!!! Ran is my new guide, totally lacking in a sense of humour, missing dear wee Sook…

Hotel, Sokha Angkor Resort, huge place full of Chinese.
Shown my room, no way Jose, miles away over the waterfall at the end of the pool, making constant piddling imperative!!!!
No rooms said the recptionist, find one was my response.
She said to stay in the room. I did for 30 seconds then advanced on the recption desk, luckily hit the deputy manager, well not really but he knew I was serious!!!
Said I wanted to go home!!!!
Now have a two room suite on the top floor opposite the Royal suite! Much more suitable!!!!

Staggered out to a traditional dance display plus dinner.Only just managed to stay awake!!!

Good nights sleep and guess what, horse riding. Twenty years since I had been on a horse, and thirty before that…
We drove out into the country to a large stable, where I had to sign a form saying if I died it was my fault, of course!!!!

My horse, Asterix, kept trying to bite the guides horse but apart from that we had a happy couple of hours. Western saddle, horse about 12 hands high,(pony?) guides was a big bugger fromVietnam,so my pretty little cowgirl informed me.

Nice going thru the villages and rice paddies plus lots of lotus patches, many of which were dying, too hot said the guide.
Very,very skinny cows, and fat water buffalo.

After two hours I was permanently attached to the horse, made them park up by a large stone onto which I inelegantly slid..
Knees suffered the most.
The three temples visited today were built in the ninth century. Angkor Wat tomorrow. Hawkers are a pest, little kids flogging off postcards, bananas and scarves.

Hordes of people around.
Rounded off my excursion with a trip to the Old Market, full of temptations which I mainly resisted, well only two tiny things fell into my bag!!!
Hot as hell for me, about 33, my cowgirl had a jumper, a sweater and a tshirt on….they feel the cold!!!

Siem Reap is a pretty boring town, think anywhere charmless in Asia.
Found a source of cheap booze, even Hendricks is available, but at 55 us abottle I declined it

Dont think the guide here is as good as Laos as I have been left alone all pm, not that I minded but I do want a trip to the famous lake, Sonle Lap , will ask tomorrow.
Ran wears a uniform, Sook could not wait to get his badge off!!!
Frangipani here do not lose thier leaves as they do in chilly Luang Prabang. Also there are geckos here happily clik clikking away….