Well, there was a silly cow who tried to take over my seat at breakfast, I just shifted her stuff and smiled like a snake….

Long drive today out to Bang Meala temple built by the Angkor Wat guy but has not been maintained. Quite sad in a majestic kind of way seeing all the fallen masonry and the jungle trying to claw it back.
All of these temples were built between 900 and 1300 AD then just seem to have been abandoned, odd mutterings about the Thais…
Got another glimpse of Angkor Wat today, would like to visit it again, very impressive….

Countryside is pretty unremarkable, scrubby with rice paddies everywhere, harvest season, seems pretty meagre to me.
The other temple today was Angkor Thom, which is huge , lots of towers with big buddha faces on them AND heaving with Korean tourists who push and shove but I can elbow with the best of them when needs be. One or two at Probus are better but I manage….

Not many monks here, certainly not a visible prescence like Lao. The guide hardly mentions them, both Lao guides had been monks, both for about ten years.
Guide got on to politics today…he is quite the little democrat. Told him I may live in a democracy but I have about as much say as he does.

Petrol, well you buy it alongside the roadside in one litre bottles, Johnny Walker seems a favoured bottle. Not as expensive as ours but up there. Had a tuktuk man hit me up for a dollar to buy gas, declined….
Foreigners can buy land here, in fact it is advertised for sale by the metre. Foreigners could not buy land in Laos.

Hammocks seem to be much favoured by the Cambodians, the tuk tuk drivers hang them to the roof of their vehicles and snooze while waiting for customers and you often see people snoozing in them under houses. Houses here are built up high with an airway beneath, flooding?

The most surprising thing I have seen is the Las Vegas type Xmas decorations, no, maybe that street in Ponsonby. White painted branches dripping in lights is very favoured…
All bridges are festooned with lights, Santa is happily at play in front of hotels accompanied by reindeer….very odd!!!!

Tommorrow, a three hundred k drive to Kompong Thom in the middle of nowhere but seeing Sonle Lap , the lake on the way. Overnight in Kt then another three hundred ks to Phom Penh.

Oh yes as a nice little break today, a picnic lunch in the jungle along with a fantastic foot massage!!!You never know what is likely to happen next!!!!!