Is pretty damn stunning..
Despite their being thousands of people there. It just seems to absorb them..
Not a lot to say about it really , all been said before….
It was higher and bigger than I expected though. I did like the signature of someone unintelligible followed by the date,1890, graffiti even then….
Hot today but did not seem to dampen the tourist temple hopping ardour. Went to two more, one I have already forgotten, then to the temple which featured in the Lara Croft movie.
Heaving with people, used to geta million visitors a year now gets 2.5 million. Yes, it does have trees growing thru it, quite spectacular really.

Had a particularly pongy Cambodian soup for lunch, tasted OK but smelt like fresh cow dung.
Had fresh coconut water to drink, think that was the best part.
Most meals cost between five nd ten US. Have not changed any money as everyone accepts US plus gives change in that currency. Local currency is 4000 somethings to the US dollar.

Scenery here is not great, very flat. Countryside does not seem quite as poor as Laos.

Immediately I arrived, Ran started talking about corruption,said the roads are bad due tothe contracts being fiddled….

Vehicle of choice for tourists here seems to the tuk tuk. Tourists like me travel in Toyotas, a camry I think but quite aged. Better than a minibus
Despite my flash room breakfast is crap, think i will try local breakfasts, noodles etc…

More temples tomorrow but seventy ks away so maybe not so many people…actually only one temple, Bung Meala….