We headed out to Peel this morning, about forty minutes by car, Gill , David and ilaria were going to visit local attractions and I was going to do the last section that I had planned from Peel to Kirk Michael, on paper the same distance as yesterday only seven miles…

Well, compared to yesterdays seven this was a cakewalk and a pleasure. As usual not a soul about, only time i have met other people walking was from Douglas to Castleton when i met the couple who were lost as well.
I enjoy walking alone can mutter away or sing my head off whichever I choose, was muttering when the above couple caught up with me…
So up from Peel, and along an old railway route up the Neb valley, sea on my left and hills on the right and me nicely in the middle.
After about three miles of that down to the coast and a mile along the beach from Glen Mooar. Fantastic, just the sea and me and towering cliffs. joy came to an end when i realised I was going to have clamber over some bloody great rocks at the end of the beach. hands and knees stuff, but managed, just like woman handling all the gates along the old rail trail, either that or climb over them…
Then up the valley into Kirk Michael, walk over, a cider at the Mitre pub and wait for David et al… think they were glad i had made the rendezvous early as just as I got to the pub rain set in. it lifted soon after.

Felt it was a nice closure, starting walking alone on a beach in Lisbon and ended walking alone on a beach in the IOM.

Did just over sixty of the 95 miles and if one took into account the contours bet it was more. left out two seemingly boring bits and the very steep bit.
probably have been better on the one savage steep bit than lots of uppys and downeys!!!

Anyway Iloved it and am hugely grateful to Gill for thinking of it and David for driving me around particularly the first few days….

Gypsies and New Zealanders need not ask for accommodation here.
Will probably be included in the info pack in future for our current accommodation, read on if you have a sense of humour otherwise stop now….

For those of you who have been reading this current blog you may remember a certain casting of organic matter behind a gate in some miserable town in Portugal…well this one beats that….
we are currently staying in a three bedroomed, one bathroom, toilet in the bathroom attached accommodation in Andreas way up northern IOM. We booked late and nothing much was available so it was take it or leave it see you have the clue right there…
Last night we had chili con carne, yummy, but it does cause ones bowels to get very industrious.
Bathroom was occupied, desperate I thought dammit, grabbed some paper towels and headed for a bushy area alongside the accommodation we were in alongside the house….

AAAAAh, dammit , in view of the main accommodation, moved, aaah. went back into the house, luckily we had forgotten to lock up so my egress was easy…

Caught up on the paper, dammit, again, again bathroom was occupied, headed to the bushes, aaah, bugger, spied the lady of the house going into her greenhouse about four metres away, too bad, carry on as they say. Disposed of the kitchen towels under the polythene round the trees. Extricated myself and decided I would go back inside between the house and the garage, did a nonchalant walk on the lawn prior to going inside, bugger loh was just exiting her green house.
I shot inside told David and Gill, we hooted with laughter imagining the local gossip, cannot have New Zealanders staying as they do not know about toilets.
David said he was going to tell them that I was a derelict they had picked up along the way….