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A new/old skill…

After a Cook Strait in a southerly trip back from IOM and a good nights sleep I was ready for another challenge!!!!

Bike Riding!!!!! Had not ridden a bike since the epic trips T and i used to do before we were self employed and had no time!!!! Before the IOm David and I went out briefly, me wobbling like a five year old, BUT I managed it.

So Sunday D and I biked downtown to a jazz concert, that was good and the bike ride was not bad either.
Yesterday up bright and early and biked for an hour, getting better…
Today, going home day, up early and out for another hour, should sleep on the plane…. better still.

So, trip is almost over just the grotty bits to do, fly to LDN from Manchester then home via HK. think i have a couple of hours in HK.
Been a great trip, highlights are numerous, Knights Templar church in Tomar, icebergs in Greenland, pretty scenery in IOM, heat in Cyprus and of course SHOPPING!!!

David and Gill have been great, easing my way thru at every opportunity….

back home to chilliness, a bike waiting to be ridden and hopefully a sale on Pahoia RD, plus of course a new grandchild, sometime late Nov?


  1. Shirley Anderson

    August 6, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    New grandchild? Who is going to pop this out? Are you going to get the chance to be a “proper” grandma at last?
    Will be good to see you home again!!

  2. have loved your journey, see you when you return. thanks for sharing, your wit and detail. we have both enjoyed the vivienne

  3. Severine and nik, thought it was due in the new year but think it is well before xmas….
    They may have to movefurther away to keep me away…a boy apparently, i knowabout them…
    hear from you friday night.

  4. Where are you at the moment Margaret? We would love to catchup and would like you to come to dinner sometime soon.Just let us know when it suits.We want to hear all about your Kate and Leigh

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