Arrived in Rejavik in coolish weather, about 12 c and with no activity planned until the afternoon I had the morning free so stomped off the 5 ks into the town. There seemed to be a lot of new buildings along the waterfront, maybe done before the bank crash? Very modern buildings, and some really interesting architecture. The latest addition on the waterfront is a building called Harpa, Iceland’s opera house…A dark glass with coloured insets, two large bock like buildings but there were other interesting large buildings as well…

The walk into town is along the waterfront, think it is a recent addition. Makes a nice change to have a pleasant walk from port to town. Lots of birdlife and lovely wildflowers and the main road is only 200 metres away. Nice to walk alongside the sea…Weather started to pack up around lunchtime, down to about 12 c.   I managed to walk back without setting foot in a shop…

My chosen trip for Rejavik was to go whale watching; I know, I know, you can do it in NZ…. Along with about thirty others I was loaded into a whale watching (or anything watching) type tourist boat with hard seats and viewing decks outside for the hardy.  Very basic, no lifeboat drill, no nothing.

One piece coveralls were provided if the urge to go outside to see whales overtook one. Not me, I stayed in along with a nice couple I have drinks with most nights…

We went further and further and further out, apparently about 12 ks, in rough water, a few vomitus ones made it a bit of a trial!!!! For our sins we were rewarded with several sightings of a family of orcas, ma, pa and two juveniles.   I know Nik, i could see them in Auckland harbour!!! And it would be warmer…

We finally turned around and came back to port, two metre swells but no waves breaking over us. People got very wet, not me!!! By the time we got back to the boat it was about 8c and bloody cold.

Another exciting dinner with xyz etc. The dutchman is trying us all sorely, the couple who I drink with are fed up with him as well and they are on the next table!!!!! I was tempted to tell him I had been bitten on the bum by a tick when he was in mid flight about some virus he had contacted in Africa – that was a new one…. Quick dinner then asleep by 9 pm, all that fresh air.

The next day I caught the shuttle into town determined to find an adventure somewhere, was looking for a bus trip, found a helicopter with my name on it!!!! Well, it was a trip to the three volcano mountain that was being advertised. After a bit of haggling I spent a chunk of money to fly with four others to the volcano site. There was an optional cave trip down five hundred metres, I declined, happy to wait for the other three passengers to do their vole like expedition.

Out to the airport, leapt into the helicopter, sadly it was raining like hell by this point, but it was still so exciting to finally get a helicopter ride. Nik and Julian will remember T trying to organise one for us on one of my birthdays, rained out!

I loved it!!!! Spent a happy forty minutes talking to the pilot in the tea hut at the top, Iceland has tough taxes and only has a population of 350,000. The girl in charge of the tea hut said it made dating hard as everyone in her age group seems to have been out with everyone…..

One horse for every four people, they eat em and ride em…..

Time to go back, I was put in the front seat, wow, pity it was wet as I was going to be flown over the ship, wouldn’t that have been something….

Still it was exciting, driven back to town by a handsome young pilot…back to the travel agent, and of course six young kiwis were in there, the owner was thrilled as I said how much i enjoyed the flight!!!!

Cleared up not long after and I had a nice walk back to the ship. The front went thru earlier and faster than expected.

Lots of public sculptures around, t would have loved it… Could have done with another day.

I tried to tempt myself with some retail therapy in a shop selling lovely silver jewellery and another one with a fantastic a fur vest but decided I had done enough financial damage for one day.

Curry dinner in the casual restaurant last night so avoided the dutchman…force seven gale overnight, bit nasty, boy he pushed that boat thru the sea…..sunny today….