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Raad ny Foillan or The way of the Gull

Is the name of the walk i am doing around the Isle of Man.
Arrived in the village of Andreas on Saturday afternoon, after a mirror calm crossing from Liverpool, about two hours.

Andreas is up in the north of the island so my trek started from the point nearest to there which was Point of Ayre.
Had sailed past the light house on the point, well it was on my left, starboard? a week previously.

Lovely morning and absolutely nobody about, well, it was Sunday, but the island at this end is sparsely
populated. Only 80,000 manxies in total and 60,000 live in or around Douglas the capital. Oh, yes, on the way, David drove me to the start, we saw a Manx cat!!!!

Start, well suddenly i did not feel keen, beach looked stoney and hard to walk on…David hugged me and wished me luck and i was on my own!!! walked along the grass for a time with the beach below, then came to a fence that said keep out, not me I climbed over but realised I would have to get myself down to the beach, low tide. Took awhile until i found a place where I could slide down, bank was getting higher and i did not want to go back to the start…should have started on the beach of course.

Anyway, down to the waters edge and the going was better, reasonably firm with fewer stones. I then had probably the best two plus hours walk i have ever had, towering cliffs on one side, that unfortunately are eroding away, this part is unwalkable at high tide and on the other side, gently lapping sea and it was sunny AND there was nobody around , just me and the gulls, heaven!!!

Eventually got to Ramsey, nice little harbour town with an eroding sea wall, February storms… Had coffee and a scone at Gophers cafe and walked on. High tide by this time so had to walk on the road out to Maughold, a very old village on the Maughold headland. Lucky me I missed some of the steep bits due to the tide stopping access. Roads was very narrow but little traffic.

Lovely old church here with a collection of large stones, almost headstones, probably way markers etc, dating back to the sixth century. I stopped in a sunny spot for half an hour and had my lunch. usual, kitkats, almonds, a few blueberries and a muesli bar. Rosie, you would be pleased, i drank almost 750 mls of water today. Water here is great, no taste and soft….
Eventually realised i need to move and set off to Port Mooar.

Nasty little track around the side of a cliff, very steep in parts and caused me to cover my face on the side nearest the drop, shades of Tui on the bridge. lots of slate and shale now and the path was built by ten foot giants so i slithered down some of the steep bits on my behind, not elegant but effective.

Eventually got to Port Moaar, just a stoney shelving beach and raining by this time. walked on to the little station of Ballajola, little electric trains buzz up and down the island , on this side anyway. They are very cute. I poked my nose out of the shelter to take a picture, train stopped to see if I wanted a ride, must admit I felt silly saying no, but how kind!!!,

David and Gill collected me and we came back the way i had walked, well to Ramsey anyway, minus the beach bits.

I thought i had walked 18 miles, but checked and it was fifteen. I was surprised and usually after 24 ks I am sagging, but today went really well.
Just onto the next bit, which has plenty of margin for error looking at the guide book. IOM is very pretty, a miniature UK.



  1. Port is left, starboard right, think L&P. Enjoying your tales as always. When do you get back yto this side of the world.

    Love M&M

  2. Port Out Starboard Home – although nowadays they reckon this isn’t the origination of POSH for keeping your cabin out of the Sun on a trip to India 🙂

  3. I can never remember ….good to hear from you Greg.

  4. back on 7th August, weather is great, want to stay away…old bones are starting to ache and still have 4 days to go…shall definitely ‘knock the bugger off’ though…..
    Down to sn sometime in Sept, so shall catch up then ….if you are home and not swanning about on the QM….

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