Well that is what it feels like, have about twenty huge mozzie bites, little sods chewed me thru my jersey. some people on the walk up to the glacier have about forty. mine are all on my back with a few on my arms…. Luckily I have some spray which seems to help, little black bastards!!!!!

Yesterdays townlet was called Narsaruao and was the site of airforce base bluie One.

Today we are in Qaqortoq, which is nearer the coast, the reason for yesterdays nice weather is that area is known as the banana coast!!!!Inland and way up a sound.

Today- 3c!!!!! So although covered in deet from stem to stern, it was misty and almost drizzling so aforementioned parentless ones were not out in force.
Q is a pretty little town built along a ridge, not as pretty or as big as bergen but sort of low key similar…It is the biggest town in southern greenland, 2000 people. Secondary schooling is done here then the brightest kids go off to Denmark for higher education…

Another walk today, around the great lake, about 12 ks around and the water supply for the town. Again, lake tekapo style. Actually saw cloud berry plants today, realised I have been seeing them all over, just never knew, they are ground huggers.
The plants are much later here, lupins just starting to flower, finished in iceland and the banana coast.

Pleasant walk, spoilt by a mad bugger singing …kill!!!!
No height involved but a rocky path that needed care.
Gradually warmed up, and now we are about to leave the sun is shining….Tenders ashore today, god they waste sometime and the crew that drive them are not that skilled!!!!!

Tomorrow we are in Nanortalik and the day after if the weather is kind, cruising Prins Kristian Sund, the one we missed a few days ago.
Greenland has home rule under Denmark, loads of minerals here including uranium….Australia is in here prospecting…..