Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Nearly defeated, but not quite!!!

Started walking from Douglas to Castletown at 9.30 . David drove me down from Andreas, took about 45 minutes, slightly misty….
Fabulous start, with high cliffs above the sea and this time i was on the high side!!! Slate upheavals aeons ago…
About 30 minutes in came across a young man doing pressups, no traffic obviously. Not only was he doing pressups he was doing them extending one leg out, good heavens I could feel my joints aching in sympathy….

Asked if I could take a photo, be quick he said, I only have about two left in me… Of course he was from Zimbabwe originally, now lives in the isle of man and runs a health clinic….
We chatted, five rules, take fish oil capsules, make sure they do not contain heavy metals, two, have a shot of probiotic every day, NOT the ones with dairy contents, eat raw vegies, salads, crudities before your main meal, and keep fruit down to thirty percent, vegies , sixty…Bugger , I prefer fruit.
Number four, drink vegie juices, ugh!!!! Five, be grateful morning and night that you are alive!!!! And yes, avoid dairy food….just an almost number six.

he then demonstrated some spinal exercises and had me doing them too, usual yoga stuff really…Leigh i can hear you chortling, the diet stuff is what you have preached for years….

Carried on walking, and walking and walking….some stunning scenery, coastline etc, then went inland, which annoys me as it does not seem necessary. Had my lunch by a stile, took twenty minutes and included a wee doze. Lay on my poncho, conscious now of damn ticks!!!!

Set off again, walked and walked, down to four beaches up from four beaches, huff puff. Saw baby seagulls in cliff nests and walked and bloody well walked….

Came to a section shared by sex crazed steers, told them they had done enough damage bogging up the path, they just carried on being steers.
By now 4 pm, supposed to meet D at four, about five plus kilometres away..Put the new phone on, it rang!!!

Finally got to the end of the airport at Castletown, with two other grumpy walkers, not happy with the guide book either….
I thought i was dojng well keepjng up with them when they said they must crack on as they were in need of a beer. I was just in need of water, had drunk my half litre ages ago…

Hurrah, David appeared, car was parked not far away, drank alitre of water and fell into the car…must have knocked out 24 ks with all the damn uppys and downseys!!! Tough day, other funny thing though was a note in the guide book saying look out for the nuns rock, where naughty nuns from Douglas were sent to do penance. The mind boggles.

Lots of bird life today though and probably a typical day walking, love it/hate it/never do it again/aaah isn’t that a wonderful view, all that within the space of ten minutes sometimes!!!!


  1. Bugger fancy having to go that far to run into another health nut.
    All good here shifting house again.
    Safe travelling when are you back.
    L and k

  2. where are you going this time? back on thursday dammit….

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