Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Nearly back…

Ireland on one side and think it may be Scotland on the other, if it is the isle of man it looks damn big….
Have thought about the trip the last few days belting down the North Atlantic, on two engines, the captain proudly says, saves lots of fuel…very lucky to have had calm seas….Although rough ones may have kept some of the trotters out of the trough…

Iceland, oddly enough was green and Greenland was icy!!!!!
The green vegetation all over Iceland is a type of moss, very springy to walk on and apparently is edible fodder for animals.
Greenland of course has a massive ice cap in the middle, well nearly all of it. just around the coast is habitable….

Life on board has its own routines, brekkie about 8.30 then probably a lecture, had some good ones, Madam Booth, founder of the salvation Army, Lord Curzon, viceroy of India, plus one on the Norwegian Nobel prize winner, he crossed Greenland first using dog sleds around 1890. He went on to be an amazing humanitarian, saved about 22 million lives just pre and post WW1. Plus lectures on the various ports of call.

There is an amazing female comedian on board, she does evening shows, laughed till i had stitch one night…Sings like Cilla black as well..Plus totally approachable when out and about….

So lunch, then a wee snooze and a read, then a plow around the deck for half an hour, another lecture or similar, pre dinner drinks, dinner, sit down at assigned tables, then a show after dinner then more drinks…
Have gained weight, lotta sugar in wine….
Romance between posh lady and copper died a very early death. dutchman still holds forth at length, i still ignore him, nah, i don’t hold grudges.
Couple at the next table have been my main social contact plus one of the other ladies at the table, nice person, former nurse..
Will be a shock to have to pick up my own towels etc….
Funniest group on board, about six twitchers(bird watchers), they stand up on the centre of the ship in all weathers with their huge cameras and swathed in green bird watching clothes….very serious lot…..



  1. Just looked on and you have Ireland on the right and the Isle of Man on the left. Should have asked them to drop you off there, you could’ve got a head start on your walk and saved the ferry fare next week!

  2. i wonder if sailing past it means I have done that side!!!!!

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