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National War Memorial Arboretum

Is just out of Alrewas and was established only a few years ago on a disused quarry site. there are plenty of disused and used quarries around there as it is in the Trent valley which was once a huge river probably originally a glacier.
The Arboretum covers many acres and contains many memorials to various service arms and organisations. there is a huge central memorial listing the names of service people killed in battles since 1945, there are a lot of names. Walls are limestone, white stone anyway and in the centre there is an obelisk and two large bronze sculptures depicting dying and dead servicemen…one was of a naked soldier, which annoyed me as that would not have happened…bit gratuitous I thought…
There is also a bronze wreath which on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month has sun on it thru a gap in the walls..Armistice day of course.

The Royal Navy memorial is new and quite stunning, panels of coloured glass with a stylised sailor alongside, the shadow from the glass at a certain time is that of a battleship.
The Merchant Navy memorial is 2300 trees representing the merchant ships lost in the convoys. They are planted in a large square around a central space. each tree, oaks,is numbered and some have memorial plaques to a sailor who served on that particular ship.
Some of the memorials are to battalions and one is to the prisoners from the far east. there
are parts of the Burma railway…. about 40metres, wonder how many men died on that particular stretch when it was built…
All this amongst lovely tree plantings. It will just get better every year…All done by volunteers.

i was lucky enough to be taken to the arboretum by my old friends Jackie and Bob who live nearby in Fradley village.

We also did a ten k walk along part of the Mersey canal and part of the Trent canal, lots of canal boats about.
Had two pub meals out in very nice pubs, the Crown in Alrewas and the Horse and Jockey nr lichfield.
Best meal though was one cooked by Jackie!!!! Plus I enjoyed the single malt!
had a trip into Burton on Trent,everywhere seemed very busy and prosperous. sunny days helped!!!!
Lovely few days with one of my oldest friends, margaret mckay is probably the oldest , have none from my schooldays as they either committed suicide or died young of cancer!!!!!

Collected off the train in Liverpool by Gill, David and Ilaria.
went for a walk around a very busy Liverpool central, sunny day, everyone out, visited the Tate gallery and saw the Mondrian exhibition, plus an exhibition by an indian woman drawing in the sixties who was fascinated by linear space….good fit with Mondrian i suppose…
i still love his bright colours….
Back to Southport for another good meal prepared by Gill.Today into washing and repacking to head off the Iceland tomorrow…,

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  1. Sounds as though you might be close to coming home. I know everyone is missing you and looking forward to a face to face catch up. What a wonderful time you are having. Will see if I can find your email address and send you an email as some news you might not know. We. Have been away again just got back yesterday so we were a bit late in getting the news. Take care and safe journey home x

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