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Life on the Ocean Waves…

Seems fine so far…Have a stunning view of a lifeboat from my balcony with a tiny peek of sea!!!!!
Food is satisfactory, not as many choices as princess etc but enough for me…..loads of free booze so that is fine too…

Took an hour from arriving at Liverpool docks to stepping into my cabin, which is pretty good, only 700 passengers on the Boudicca so that makes a difference.

My dinner companions are a varied lot, X who isnt sure what day of the week it is, Y who does, Z who has been in the diplomatic service and is even less diplomatic than me, born across the ditch…A who is very nice and speaks like it too, b who is an ex copper and jokes all the time and worst one last, a dutchman who by my reckoning must be two hundred years old to have done all the things he professes to have done, Singapore Airlines pilot, Trips on freighters a year long, etc etc, plus lives somewhere exotic etc etc.
he and i seriously crossed swords, he said why aren’t there some young ladies at this table, I snarled that was a really rude comment and feel free to move….he has not spoken to me since – good!!!!

Weather has been overcast but calm seas. Now in Rejavik, green on one side of the harbour and a small city on the other. Going whale watching this pm then out and about tomorrow….
Threatening to rain, hope it holds off, it is 11C……

Forgot, big excitement second day out, somebody was heli vacced out…Taken to the Shetland islands, Scottish Coastguard helicopter….
Area was roped off and people told to stay inside, did they???? They were all out taking photos……

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  1. What a hoot couldn’t stop laughing sounds like people we have had over the years at our tables but I couldn’t have put it into words like you can. Good for you . When do u get home.? Don’t hurry weather here sh…..we haven’t been in nz for a July in yonks maybe it is always like this! People being swept away in floods. Even beautiful tauranga has been getting a blast. Enjoy! We rather enjoyed Iceland but found the thermal region a kindergarten to nz’s. Take care x

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