Yesterday we were supposed to sail thru prince whats its sund, but it was so foggy that we went around the peninsula, this was after a force seven gale, boy did we go fast and bounced all the way from Rejakvik to the entrance to the sound.
So , a day of mooching around, ate myself silly..
Meals on this boat range from very good to downright boring…David, tonight i had a white meal, shades of spain, grilled chicken and chips followed by a vile dessert, but i had a great lunch…
breakfast and lunch are buffet, i hate buffets but the lunch ones can turn it on… dinner is a sit down formal job.

The dutchman has been vanquished, silenced by my withering glances and the snarky comments from the former aussie, god she can be viscous……
So , today dawned beautiful and sunny, and we were surrounded by icebergs in the townlet of Ngaraounga…well something like that..
Anyone who knows me knows that lake Oahu and the valley it is in is my happy place, well this place is its twin!!! Happy as a pig in the proverbial.
not many people live here, after the excitement of WW2 around 1953 everyone left leaving 15 Danes!!! There are a few more people here now, but only about 200. At its height after the airstrip was built in 1941 there were a few thousand yanks here. It was a central point for refuelling etc. at one stage there were 130 planes a day flying out of here.

There is still an airstrip, about 2 ks long with a thirty metre height difference from one end to the other. saw two planes land….
c look up cafe blue, they do all sorts of tours etc.
I walked into the townlet, about 2 ks from the ship, visited the museum, realised i had no money to get in, but gained admission for a kiss on both cheeks, and he was a cute dane.
Museum is tatty but fascinating about the war years…

There was huge sinking near the sound the town is in and all there was to perform the rescue was the 15 danes, a search and resue base was soon set up after …Only two hundred of the nine hundred on aboard were rescued.

Todays excursion was an eight k walk to see a glacier, further I would have thought as it was very very uppy.
views of the glacier were great, up about 500 m…
God almighty yesterday the sea was 3000m deep!!!!
So lots of beautiful scenery today, think lake tekapo with icebergs!!! , and it was HOT!!!!Must have been at least 20 c but far colder in the shade!,,,
Lotsa lovely flowers, little gentians even some sedums!!!

Must write about the man with the toy dog!!!, What a character, we were all taking photos of the damn thing by the end of the walk!!,,
Tomorrow another walk in …. round a lake this time so no uppys.
So, two more shore days then four days back to Liverpool…
The ex cop and the posh lady are getting cosy!!!!
i must admit i will appreciate a view of davids garden unobscured by a lifeboat!,,,,