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Chough birds….

…are large and black and make a sound like our Kaka birds, very raucous. saw loads of them today as i walked on what the guide book author said was a walk that was a whisket of delight.

well could not find whisket in the dictionary other than the name of a basket , maybe she thought it was a basket of delights????

Decided to skip Castletown to Port St Mary and do PSM to Port Erin, a mini walk only written up as whisket and seven miles with elevations up to 400 feet…This dame writing this book operates on one dimension!!!!
I conned David, Gill and ilaria to walk it too…..well David and i finished it, Gill and Ilaria wisely bailed out after lunch and went to visit an ancient village. Lunch was in an ancient hut above an area known as the chasms….

all very lovely, cliffs, birds and sea…also endless bluffs and endless rocky paths. highlight was probably the islet , the Calf of Man. Has a mean rip between there and the mainland, saw a yacht go thru, rather like moaning minnie at the entrance to Wn harbour…..

David And I walked on and on and damn well on….
Finally made it into Port Erin just after 4 pm…Six miles be damned, would have been at least 16 ks….

Good day but certainly not the cake walk i was expecting..

IOM has mainly white or cream houses, must be a regulatory thing. The IOM tartan includes white to represent the houses and yellow to represent gorse. Surprised it does not include purple as the hills are just about to erupt into bloom….

Tomorrow I am going to walk from Peel to Kirk Michael and that is it…will have evaded the 1400 ft bit plus two other sections but have already walked all down one side…as i said, have sailed past the other side anyway!!!!

Will probably done over a hundred ks and no certificate!!!!!

Not home till late, as we were over an hours drive to Port St mary, waited for a bus back then revisted the Calf of Man with Gill and ilaria. Gill said it was her happy place…

Friday i shall play at being a tourist…only one walk to go…
Yes, i would rate this one as a toughy, all the ups and downs…

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  1. Well…………Margaret you deserve a medal!!!!
    I feel exhausted reading all your daily ‘doings’.

    take care and remember -“‘to smell the roses”
    luv J & G

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